Neue Mitarbeiterin am Lehrstuhl

Magdalena Eškinja

  • Arbeitsgruppe/-ort: AG Korrosion
  • Position: Guest Researcher

Arbeitsgebiet :
I am currently on Erasmus+ practice at Montanuniversity Leoben. Recently, I have graduated as a chemical engineer from Faculty of chemical engineering and technology in Zagreb, Croatia. My field of interest is corrosion and corrosion protection. During my six months stay I will work on the project “Electrochemical determination of corrosion rates of carbon steel in oilfield conditions” by OMV group. The aim of the project is to build up, validate and investigate electrochemical methodology for reproducible determination of corrosion rates of carbon steel under conditions representative in oilfields. Electrochemical measurements will be carried out and the effect of various parameters such as voltage, CO2 pressure, temperature etc. on low carbon steel will be investigated.