RG - Element analysis

„(Almost) nothing is hidden from us"

Methods of element trace and ultra trace analysis using mass spectrometry and x-ray fluorescence are being developed and used to determine the origin of environmental toxins, the formation of deposits, or the determination of the origin of food and other materials.

Thomas Meisel- RG Head Analytics

Current projects

Tracing the origin of oxide inclusions in bottom-poured, VAR treated steel ingots using trace element profiles and isotope ratios

Abstract: Oxide inclusions in steels can have a detrimental effect on the further processing as well as the mechanical properties and corrosive behaviour of the finished product. This applies particularly to macroscopic inclusions (larger than 100 µm), which rarely occur using state-of-the-art casting technologies, but which practically always result in rejection of the affected product.

In this project oxide mass fractions and Sr isotope ratios of oxide inclusions in steels and samples of potential source materials are measured using REM-EDX, solution-based ICP-MS and laser ablation ICP-MS. The goal is to better understand the processes involved in the formation of these inclusions are to be elucidated in order to provide a basis for further improvements in the steel casting process.

  • Project funding: Funding by project partners
  • Project partners: Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG, Dr. Korp Technological-Consulting

Team: Christoph Walkner, Johanna Irrgeher, Thomas Meisel, Thomas Prohaska