Chair of General and Analytical Chemistry

at the Montanuniversität Leoben deals with current technological questions in the field of corrosion and Development of application of the most modern analysis methods
in materials, geosciences, environmental and life sciences.

Our goal is to provide our students with the best possible education in a modern research environment, with the vision to explore and develop new technologies to meet the challenges of the future and make the world a better living environment.


The chair offers students of all undergraduate programs a first introduction with lectures and lab courses in the material world of elements and molecules. Special courses in the field of analytical chemistry, hydro- and geochemistry as well as corrosion complete the course offerings.

The aim of the training is to provide a deep understanding of the chemical properties of substances, the transformation of substances and analytical methods that are widely used in industry and research.

Lifelong learning is part of the portfolio of the chair. For this reason, we offer university courses on the topics of "quality assurance in the laboratory" and "corrosion expert".


Research in the field of analytical chemistry is concerned with the development and application of novel methods in materials, geo, environmental and life sciences as well as the implementation of metrological principles. The focus is on mass spectrometric methods for elemental and isotopic analysis.

Chemical research deals with fundamental and technological issues in the field of corrosion. The understanding of mechanisms leads to the development of materials with improved corrosion properties.

Novel technological developments of methods in the combination of analytical chemistry and material science complement the research portfolio of the chair.


Marina Auer

Donata Bandoniene

Stepan Chernonozhkin

Rodica Cojocaru

Tamara Cwioro

Melissa Eberhard

Matthias Eichinger

Alexander Epov

Magdalena Eskinja

Elke Fasch

Maria Feiner

Laura Feiner

Stefan Friedl

Anastasiia Galakhova

Victoria Grossmann

Katharina Heider

Johanna Irrgeher

Lisa Jansch

Lisa Jansch

Shaun Lancaster

Nagi Lashin

Bernd Loder

Gregor Mori

Thomas Meisel

Martina Maurer

Gulnaz Mukhametzianova

Masoud Moshtaghi

Ulrike Moser

Wolfgang Neff

Manuela Nimmervoll

Raffaela Paganotta

Johann Pengg

Stefanie Pichler

Johannes Preslmayer

Thomas Prohaska

Alessandra Rachetti

Jessica Riedl

Karin Schober

Michael Schober

Mathias Truschner

Simone Trimmel

Simone Trimmel

Christoph Walkner

Anna Walch

Stefan Wagner

Sara Widhalm

Peter Zwittnig

P. Conka

V. Funari

F. Kadisch

T. Opper

R. Paganotta

A. Retzmann

J. Santner

W. Siegl

G. Streisselberger

G. Stiedl

P. Spörl


M. Wratschko

M. Zendehbad

Y. Zeng

C. F. Balado